• Rounded seams make cleaning and disinfecting of cages an easy task. This also provides a smooth, safe environment for animals.

• Our unique lock mechanism helps reduce cage noise (door rattling) from neighbouring animals actively recovering from aesthetic / sedative or animals that show an excited state while being attended. 
Our lock features an opening and closing latch that is easily operated from the outside, while remaining secure from the inside. Click for Picture.

• Heavy Duty casters are used on banks of cages that are installed on Steel Frame Casters (Optional)   Click for Picture , enabling movement of cage banks to accommodate cleaning and maintenance of kennel area– and have a secure locking mechanism prevents cages from moving once in place.

Double Door Dividers
• Optional Double Door cages with removable panel and post are available. Allows for an easy access when putting a sedated large breed dog into the cage. Another advantage of having the double cage option is to have more space for nursing animals. Click for Picture.

Insulation • Fiberglass insulation is placed in the space between adjacent cages during installation. This helps in the reduction of noise as well as maintaining temperatures within the dog cage.